31 JAN 2008

Bill Gates Recognizes NanoPhos as One of the Most Innovative Companies

NanoPhos was recognized by Bill Gates as one of the most innovative companies at a special event organized by the Federation of Greek Industries.


10 OCT 2008

NanoPhos Wins 1st Innovation & Sustainability Prize at the 100% Detail in London

NanoPhos wins the 1st prize in Innovation and Sustainability in the 100% Detail international tradeshow that took place during September 24-27, 2008 at the Earls Court of London.


05 MAY 2009

NanoPhos at gulfBID 2009 in Manama, Bahrain

Visit our booth (1C69) at the Gulf Bid Exhibition in Bahrain from May 5-7, 2009.


22 SEP 2009

NanoPhos @ Bygg Reis Deg 09 in Norway

NanoPhos participated in the Bygg reis Deg 09 trade show that took place between the 22nd and 27th of September. The exhibition is Norway’s largest marketplace for Norwegian building activities and is held every second year.


23 NOV 2009

NanoPhos @ Big5 2009 in Dubai

The Big5 International Building & Construction Show, 23-26 November 2009, Dubai World Center

As the largest event of its kind in the Middle East, The Big 5 provides an unrivalled platform for architects,engineers, contractors and developers to network, source and specify the most comprehensive range of building and construction related products and services.




07 APR 2011

Keraben and NanoPhos create next generation self-cleaning tiles

NanoPhos SA, a nanotechnology company, and the leading ceramic tile manufacturer KERABEN co-developed LIFEKER®, an innovative line of self-cleaning and self-sterilizing ceramic tiles. These properties of LIFEKER® tiles are provided by the use of the SurfaShield® coating technology developed by NanoPhos, which is activated simply by the energy of surrounding light (either sunlight or artificial lighting) without the use of dangerous chemicals. The photocatalytic action of SurfaShield® continuously decomposes organic stains and environmental pollutants without being consumed. The use of this technology protects humans from infectious microbes, eliminates fungus growth and minimizes the use of cleaning and sterilizing products, while it has been estimated that 1000 square meters of LIFEKER® tiles have equal ability to decompose pollutants with 60 trees!


It is interesting to mention that SurfaShield® technology, received the prestigious GAIA award during the 2010 International Building and Construction Show BIG5 in Dubai for its environmentally friendly and innovative profile.


NanoPhos SA is a nanotechnology company which focuses on the development of innovative products that protect and waterproof common surfaces. NanoPhos was recognized by Bill Gates as one of the most innovative companies, received the 1st prize for innovation during the prestigious 100% Detail Show in London (2008) and was a GAIA award winner at the BIG5 Show in Dubai (2010). The effectiveness and ease of use of the company’s solutions have been rapidly recognized worldwide and today, products are available in more than 25 countries around the globe.

About Keraben Group (http://www.keraben.com)


The Keraben Group is a multinational ceramic tiles company that manufactures and sells ceramic tiles, special pieces, accessories, hydromassage systems and shower solutions. Its aim is to create spaces with a unique personality, working to implement ongoing improvements to all its processes, moving forwards in terms of design and quality whilst conserving its close customer relations, guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of customers, employees and suppliers. The Group’s international growth has been accompanied by the creation of a vast distribution network based on its own stores and distributors as well as sales offices abroad, placing its products in more than 120 countries.


The photocatalytic process of SurfaShield® is activated by the energy of surrounding light which is then converted into harmlesschemical energy that is very effective in fighting pollutants and microbes.


19 OCT 2011

NanoPhos @ the Expo CIHAC 2011 in Mexico City

CIHAC 2011 took place at the BANAMEX Center in Mexico City on October 18-22, 2011.




06 NOV 2011

NanoPhos at BΑΤΙΜΑΤ 2011 in Paris

BATIMAT is the essential meeting place for the French and international construction industry. Batimat International Building Exhibition was held from November 7th to 12th at the Paris Porte de Versailles


Playing a central role in tackling the energy challenges facing buildings, BATIMAT is the place where the technical solutions emerge that will characterize sustainable construction and renovation projects. BATIMAT is a real springboard for manufacturers who want to launch their technological innovations and massively speeds up the rate at which new ideas and products are adopted.




21 NOV 2011

NanoPhos at the Big5 2011 in Dubai

At the Big5 International Building & Construction Show that was held between 21-24 November 2011 at Dubai World Center, NanoPhos exhibited its latest products.


As the largest event of its kind in the Middle East, The Big 5 provides an unrivalled platform for architects,engineers, contractors and developers to network, source and specify the most comprehensive range of building and construction related products and services.




11 NOV 2012

NanoPhos at Saudi Build 2012

Mawten Co, the exclusive distributor of NanoPhos products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, presented NanoPhos products at the Saudi Build 2012 that took place in Riyhad on Nov 11-14, 2012. Saudi Build 2012 is The Leading Construction Show for the Kingdom and provides contractors, real estate developers and building owners with a full range of building solutions. Saudi Build is the largest business to business construction fair in the Kingdom.




23 NOV 2012

NanoPhos Founders Receive the Green Dreams Award

In the presence of the chairman of the parliament, ministers of the government and hundreds of distinguished members of the business community the Kouros Award ceremony took place on Thursday 22nd of November 2012, at the Intercontinental hotel. The Kouros Awards are awarded by the Entrepreneurship Club entrepreneurs with exceptional performance in the areas of development and innovation in the international business arena.


The Green Dreams Award – Green Entrepreneurship was awarded to Dr. Vasilis Theoharakis, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of NanoPhos SA and to Dr. Ioanni Arabatzis, Managing Director and Co-Founder of NanoPhos SA.


19 NOV 2015

3rd NanoPhos International Distributors Meeting and NanoPhos’ 10th Anniversary

Athens, 19 November 2015NanoPhos, together with 22 of its International Distributors celebrated the 10 year existance of NanoPhos in the local and International Market at a conference that took place on the 15 – 17 November at Arion Astir Palace Vouliagmeni, Athens.  The conference was attended by delegates from: Japan, China, Qatar, Dubai, India, Iran, Germany, Norway, France, Denmark, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Malta, Romania, United Kingdom, KSA, Kingdom of Bahrain, Cyprus, Mexico and Guatemala. 

During the conference, the delegates were shown the successful 10 year journey of the company, followed by each country presenting their own achievements and success stories. NanoPhos also took the opportunity to present its new products and to show its delegates its new strategies that will take NanoPhos to bigger and better success in the years to come.

In addition, the company’s management announced that NanoPhos has expanded its activities into the shipping industry under the name NanoPhos Marine.  With its motto „Sea the Difference”, NanoPhos marine seeks to provide innovative solutions to existing problems, such as marine pollution (marine fouling), corrosion, energy losses and insulation or surface protection. These innovative products can be applied in both the shipping sector and in yachting.

Dr. Ioannis Arabatzis, Managing Director of the NanoPhos company said: „NanoPhos is an international family based in Greece. In the past 10 years the company has gone from strength to strenth both domestically and as well as internationally. With our friends and family from all over the world,  NanoPhos looks towards the future with strength and optimism for its further growth both internationally and on home soil. ”


20 NOV 2015

NanoPhos Marine to participate in the Marintec China 2015 Trade Fair

NanoPhos Marine will be participating in the Largest and Most Authoritative Maritime Trade Fair in Asia, the Marintec China 2015, which will be held from the 1 – 4 December in Shanghai China.

Marintec China is the most recognized maritime trade show in Asia, providing a platform for all interested parties to source from suppliers from all over the world,  the latest marine products, ship design, offshore engineering and port technology.


Meet NanoPhos Marine in Hall N3 Stand N3H61

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre


22 DEC 2015

Made in Greece Awards 2015

NanoPhos SA was awarded the Innovative Product Acclaim in the category Innovative Product Award-Industrial Products, for SurfaShield G, at the awards ceremony „Made in Greece”.


The Greek Marketing Academy (EL.A.M) held the 2nd Ceremony of Awards „Made in Greece” on 15th of December, at the Athens Ledra Hotel.


The institution of the Greek Marketing Academy is part of an ongoing quest for the empowerment and transmission of new innovative and outgoing development models that respond to the modern production challenges and marketing products based on quality, innovation, diversification, targeted markets, international distribution networks and strong brands (brand names).


The aim of the Awards is to acknowledge and reward companies and organizations that achieve outstanding performance in the creation and sale of products that have significant added value for the Greek Economy.


24 DEC 2015

Strategic Cooperation between NanoPhos SA & Advanced Polymer Coatings

It is with great honour that we announce the strategic cooperation between NanoPhos SA and Advanced Polymer Coatings, effective from December 2015, for the exclusive representation of MarineLine 784 in Greece and Cyprus.


MarineLine 784 is the industry leader in cargo tank coating systems for chemical and product carriers, and the only high performance lining that withstands all IMO approved chemical cargoes.


MarineLine® is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food grade cargoes.

MarineLine® 784 coating complies with the FDA and all applicable food additive regulations.

More chemical resistance than stainless steel, phenolic epoxies and zinc silicate coatings

Superior resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents; maximum versatility to carry CPPs, PFADs, Biofuels, and Methanol

Virtually non-permeable for assurance of product purity\Superior bond strength and adhesion

Very low VOC – 99 grams/L (0.80 lbs./gal.)

Excellent flex stressing

Resistance to wear, abrasion and impact

Thermal shock resistance -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +302°F)


NanoPhos marine team is proud to have included this state of the art coating to its portfolio which enables us to offer a 3600 coating services to all kinds of vessels.


06 APR 2016

NanoPhos launches its new range of heat insulating plaster

A new NanoPhos product, ready to use Thermal and Waterproof Plaster, the FeatherPlast Acrylic Décor, Fine and Cementitious range of plasters entered the market with great success. The first production was successfully completed and made available to the Italian market.


FeatherPlast Acrylic Décor PA1200D & Fine PA250F

The FeatherPlast Acrylic Décor and Acrylic Fine is a heat insulating, lightweight, waterproofing, anti-mould and water based acrylic plaster, which is easy to apply on external and internal spaces. It is used as a final coat on walls, offering either a rough decorative result or a smooth fine finish.


FeatherPlast Cementitious PT400W & PT400G

The FeatherPlast PT400 is a thermal insulating cementitious, lightweight rendering or plastering mortar, available in a white (PT400W) or gray (PT400G) colour powdered form. It is easy to apply on indoor and outdoor walls and is used as a main or middle layer plaster/render. Unlike other conventional heat insulation plaster on the market, FeatherPlast PT400 combines three very unique and vital characteristics, namely: extremely low thermal conductivity, improved mechanical strength and an advanced formula which prevents cracking even under severest weather conditions.


06 APR 2016

NanoPhos gets its ECRC rating on its SurfaPaint product range

NanoPhos SA became the first Greek company member of the ECRC (European Cool Roof Council) and its products (SurfaPaint ThermoDry Interior, SurfaPaint ThermoDry Exterior, SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof Paint, SurfaPaint Kirei and SurfaPaint Aqua X) are the first to be accredited by the program for their insulating properties.

The European Cool Roofs Council was founded in 2011 to develop scientific knowledge and research in relation to „cool roof” technology and to promote the use of cool roof products and materials in Europe, including developing a product rating programme for such products and materials.


The benefits of the products having the „Cool Roof” technology are:

– Reduces the cost and energy required for the air conditioning of interior spaces

– Reduces the wear on thermal insulation systems from the temperature differences, and thereby increase their lifespan

– Improves indoor thermal comfort reducing their running and maintenance costs


11 APR 2016

SurfaPaint Kirei Awarded as „Chosen by construction professionals” Product of the Year 2016 in Paris France

Paris, 4th of February 2016 – At an awards ceremony, in the field of Construction-Building products for 2016, NanoPhos SA SurfaPaint Kirei, distributed by NanoSources, was awarded the „Elected Product of BTP by Professionals” award for 2016.


The event is hosted by Sageret, the first and only organiser in France which hosts these awards to the most outstanding products in the building and construction fields. Every year, the hosting of this event is based on an extensive online survery/consultation amongst 250 000 buidling companies and 30 000 prescribers.

Having gathered over 83,000 votes for this year, the survey outcome rated SurfaPaint Kirei 4.7 / 5, thereby awarding NanoPhos’ SurfaPaint Kirei „Product of the Building and Construction in 2016 by the Professional” in the category: Structure / Masonry / Facade.

This distinction looks at rewarding products with great innovation and/or new developments. Its evaluation criteria is based on innovation, design and ergonomics and its importance and usefulness to its target market.

The award ceremony took place at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel Opera, Paris, on February 4th, 2016.

About SurfaPaint Kirei..


SurfaPaint Kirei is a photocatalytic cool paint with self-cleaning properties. When applied on exterior surfaces, SurfaPaint Kirei decomposes organic stains, pollution, prevents mould growth and reflects more than 94% of the incident InfraRed (IR) radiation, saving energy and reducing building heating/cooling costs. Reflectance values are further enhanced by the photocatalytic, self-cleaning effect which remains unchanged for a longer period of time when compared to a conventional paint, as it is a weather resistant paint with exceptional coverage, opacity and resistance to UV radiation. Therefore, the original, fresh look of a newly-painted surface remains long after application. When SurfaPaint Kirei is applied on interior surfaces, artificial light activates it and sterilizes airborne or surface-bound microorganisms, deodorizing and improving indoor air quality. The paint is white and can be tinted as pal colour (preferably with inorganic dyes).